Weird Al Yankovic

Trafalmadore (Buffalo, NY)

Mar 10, 1984 - Early

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  1. 1 Yoda 03:59
  2. 2 Buckingham Blues 03:43
  3. 3 Polkas On 45 05:26
  4. 4 Buy Me A Condo 03:53
  5. 5 It's Still Billy Joel To Me 03:37
  6. 6 Midnight Star 04:52
  7. 7 Shaving Cream (Performed By Dr. Demento) 05:27
  8. 8 The Brady Bunch 03:07
  9. 9 Mr. Popeil 05:19
  10. 10 I Lost On Jeopardy 03:59
  11. 11 Food Medley 10:00
  12. 12 Ricky 02:39
  13. 13 Eat It 04:44
  14. 14 If I Could Make Love To A Bottle 00:57
  15. 15 Another One Rides The Bus 02:50
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Weird Al Yankovic - vocals, accordion
Steve Jay - bass, ethnic percussion, banjo, vocals
Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz - drums, percussion, vocals
Rubén Valtierra - keyboards, vocals
Jim West - guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals

Weird Al Yankovic began his career in the late-1970s as a novelty act playing the nerdy fool who thinks accordions and polkas are cool. His shtick was doing bombastic polka remakes of current MTV hits. He appeared briefly in 1977 on the Tom Snyder Show on NBC, who laughingly ushered him off the show with the phrase, "Great performance, Al. Don't quit your day job."

While most other novelty acts would have come and gone with one flavor-of-the-minute song parody on the radio, not Yankovic. He had the phenomenon of MTV waiting for his career. By combining goofy song parodies with over-the-top and very funny music videos, Weird Al Yankovic went from being a novelty act to a bona fide Grammy Award winning music personality.

This early show from 1984 is classic Weird Al. Greg Kihn's "Our Love's In Jeopardy" becomes "I Lost On Jeopardy"; Tony Basil's "Hey Mickey" becomes a tribute to the Lucy & Desi as "Ricky." Jim Croce likely rolled over in his grave when he heard "If I Could Make Love To A Bottle," and of course, Al's homage of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" is represented with "Eat It."

While there are some very funny bits here, you need to see him in his absurd costumes and quirky facial expressions to get the true impact of his comedic skill. Still, this show taped in Buffalo, NY for the King Biscuit Flower Hour has some highlights and surprises, including an appearance by radio host, Dr. Demento, who does a version of the novelty song, "Shaving Cream."