The Flamin' Groovies

Fillmore West (San Francisco, CA)

Jun 30, 1971

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  1. 1 Bill Graham Introduction 00:13
  2. 2 I Can't Explain 03:51
  3. 3 Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller 03:43
  4. 4 Have You Seen My Baby? 04:20
  5. 5 Road House 10:32
  6. 6 Doctor Boogie 04:07
  7. 7 Slow Death 05:41
  8. 8 Shakin' All Over 06:21
  9. 9 Teenage Head 03:35
  10. 10 Louie Louie 07:48
  11. 11 Walkin' The Dog 03:40
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Roy Loney - lead vocals
Cyril Jordan - guitar, vocals
Tim Lynch - guitar, vocals
James Ferrell - guitar
George Alexander - bass

Formed in San Francisco in 1965, The Flamin' Groovies, and their brand of British invasion-inspired rock 'n' roll, were soon relegated to cult status - especially when the San Francisco scene became dominated by the more overtly psychedelic bands. It's a testament to Bill Graham, however, that he honored the band with a slot on this night's bill, despite their lacking commercial popularity at the time. This set also catches the band at the tail end of their most fertile period, before the two main creative powers in the band, Loney and Davies, were unable to work together.

From the sound of the audience, the Groovies went over pretty well this night. It's a set heavy on cover material, but they were peaking as a live band during this time. They rip into "Slow Death," "Shakin' All Over," "Teenage Head," "Walkin' the Dog," "Sweet Little Rock 'n Roller" and "Have You Seen My Baby," among others. The festive ambiance, faithfully captured on the recording, surely adds to the excitement level. Between Jordan's proto-power pop styling and Loney's special brand of rock 'n' roll revivalism, the group would prove to be fairly influential decades later. This is a glimpse of the band in their prime, with much potential, and their sense of humor still intact.

For fans of the Groovies, or just the early San Fran "Scene," at least worth the listen.