The Charlie Daniels Band

Peoria, Illinois

Aug 19, 1979

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  1. 1 Passing Lane 03:26
  2. 2 Jitterbug 03:47
  3. 3 Reflections 06:42
  4. 4 Caballo Diablo 07:35
  5. 5 Long Haired Country Boy 04:33
  6. 6 Uneasy Rider 05:39
  7. 7 The Devil Went Down To Georgia 04:22
  8. 8 South 's Gonna Do It (Again) 05:00
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Charlie Daniels - guitar, violin, vocals
Tom Crain - guitar, vocals
Joel "Taz" DiGregorio - keyboards, vocals
Bill K Myers - drums
Charlie Hayward - bass
Lea Jane Berinati - background vocals

Charlie Daniels had already been a professional musician for 20 years when he recorded this show with his beloved backing Band. Daniels saw his first real commercial success as a recording artist between 1973 and '74, when he jumped on the Southern rock movement launched by the Allman Bros. and Lynyrd Skynyrd with the release of two classic albums: Uneasy Rider and Fire on the Mountain, the latter including the radio hit "The South's Gonna Do It Again."

As the Southern rock scene began to wane in the late '70s, Daniels decided to move in more of a country-rock direction, focusing more strictly on the pure country music genre. This show was captured on the Million Mile Reflections tour, after the single "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" had become a number one hit, crossing over into the pop charts. In the end, it would be named "Single of the Year" by the Country Music Association - and establish Daniels firmly as a world class platinum act.

Daniels, in addition to being an expressive singer and writer, is a highly talented guitarist and fiddler. Prior to launching his own band, he had become an established writer for artists such as Elvis Presley, as well as a top Nashville session player, providing fiddle for the likes of Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr and Leonard Cohen. He also produced artists such as The Youngbloods.

When he launched the Charlie Daniels Band, his aim was to merge country music with Southern fried boogie rock. He relied on his talent as a remarkable showman to bring the music to the masses, as he does characteristically on this show. Featuring the bulk of his hit song catalog, this recording from 1979 will satisfy both rock and country music fans.

Despite his commitment to the rock-country idiom, Daniels drew on a myriad musical styles throughout his career. Listens of "Caballo Diablo" and the haunting, then brand new piece "Reflections" will convince any doubters. For less dedicated fans, though, characteristic favorites like "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" and "Long Haired Country Boy" won't fail to delight.