Roy Clark

Broadway Theatre (Pitman, NJ)

Dec 18, 1982 - Late

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  1. 1 Instrumental 02:28
  2. 2 Interlude 03:02
  3. 3 Medley: Come Live With Me / Honeymoon Feeling / Tips Of My F… 02:53
  4. 4 Yesterday, When I Was Young 03:30
  5. 5 Somewhere My Love 03:21
  6. 6 Interlude 04:31
  7. 7 Dueling Banjos 03:51
  8. 8 Interlude 00:32
  9. 9 Christmas Wouldn't Be Christmas Without You 03:22
  10. 10 Interlude 01:44
  11. 11 Orange Blossom Special 08:51
  12. 12 Interlude 05:27
  13. 13 Malaguena 04:14
  14. 14 Instrumental 01:10
More Roy Clark

Roy Clark - lead vocals, guitars, mandolin, banjo
Mary Beth Anderson - vocals
Sherri Baker - vocals
Carolyn Anderson - vocals
Rodney Lay - bass
Terrell Glaze - drums
Vernon Sandusky - guitar
Jimmy Henley - banjo, guitar
James Henley - rhythm guitar
Troy Klontz - steel guitar
John French - piano
Shelby Eicher - fiddle
Kenny Putnam - fiddle

This is the second set of the complete Roy Clark Traveling Music Show. Clark had become best known to audiences for his ongoing role as co-host of the goofy TV comedy-variety show Hee Haw, but it's been his exceptional guitar, mandolin and banjo playing that have really made him such an endearing country music star.

Clark scored a few big pop hits in the early 1970s, which appear here in condensed medley versions. A crowd-pleasing highlight is "Yesterday, When I Was Young," undoubtedly his biggest crossover hit. It is the highly charged bluegrass instrumentals, however - including his frantic version of the classic, "Orange Blossom Special," and Deliverance's "Dueling Banjos" along with his traditional, mandolin-driven version of "Somewhere My Love" from the film Dr. Zhivago - that make this concert so enjoyable.

It's too bad that most of America had to see Clark as an overweight, less-than-intelligent hillbilly when watching him on Hee Haw. In reality, he is a remarkably gifted artist and guitarist who, luckily for his earnest fans, remained more than true to his country roots.