Rod Stewart

Bellevue (Manchester, UK)

Dec 5, 1978

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  1. 1 Introduction Music 01:13
  2. 2 Hot Legs 05:02
  3. 3 Born Loose 05:42
  4. 4 Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright) 04:32
  5. 5 The Wild Side Of Life 05:07
  6. 6 Get Back 05:30
  7. 7 You're In My Heart 04:51
  8. 8 I Don't Want To Talk About It 05:33
  9. 9 Blondes (Have More Fun) 05:13
  10. 10 Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? 08:35
  11. 11 If Lovin' You Is Wrong 05:09
  12. 12 The Killing Of Georgie 07:01
  13. 13 Maggie May 08:32
  14. 14 (I Know) I'm Losing You 14:29
  15. 15 Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller 06:01
  16. 16 Sailing 05:03
  17. 17 You Wear It Well 04:40
  18. 18 Twistin' The Night Away 05:47
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Rod Stewart - vocals
Carmine Appice - drums, vocals
Phil Chen - bass, vocals
Jim Cregan - guitar, vocals
Kevin Savigar - keyboards
Gary Grainger - guitar
Phil Kenzie - horns
Billy Peek - guitars

From the opening recording of David Rose's "The Stripper," Rod Stewart makes it clear that blondes indeed have more fun. At least in his case they do. Stewart was winding up a world tour for his newest LP at the time, entitled Blondes Have More Fun in Manchester, England. It is the holiday season, and Stewart was back home among his fellow Brits. It's clear that he is happy to be there when listening to this recording, done originally for the King Biscuit Flower Hour in 1978.

Stewart had departed from the Faces three years prior, but this show was very much still in the Faces-sounding tradition, especially on rockers such as Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Rock N Roller," and The Beatles' "Get Back." Since most of the Faces played on the '70s-era Stewart solo albums, it is all a musical blur between his own hits and those of the band. By the time this show was recorded, Stewart was trying to embrace the all-powerful disco movement and still keep his rock credibility. "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" was the answer and it was a huge hit when this show was taped. It's part of the set list as are other dance oriented Rod rockers such as "Hot Legs" and "The Wild Side of Life."

Rod is always aware of the female fans who have kept him at the top of the charts, and he is sure to provide plenty of love ballads during the show, including "Tonight's The Night," "You're In My Heart" (which he dedicates to his beloved Celtic and Manchester United football clubs); and the old Delaney & Bonnie track, "I Don't Want To Talk About It." In the middle of the set he also does a great cover of the Luther Ingram's R&B classic, "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right."

He takes it into the homestretch with a few Stewart mainstays, including "Maggie May," "You Wear It Well," and his read of the Sam Cooke hit, "Twistin' The Night Away." The highlight of the show may very well be a song written by Gavin Sutherland called "Sailing," which was a minor hit in the U.S., but remains one of Britain's largest selling singles. The crowd sing-a-long response is so great on that song that Stewart actually acknowledges the audience, introducing them as: "Manchester, on lead vocals."