Woodstock Day 1 (8.15.69)

By: Dopeburger

11 songs / 1:01:00

  1. 1 Richie Havens / Zodiac / Freedom 12:19
  2. 2 Richie Havens / Here Comes The Sun 06:03
  3. 3 Richie Havens / Fire & Rain 05:59
  4. 4 The Incredible String Band / This Moment 06:27
  5. 5 The Incredible String Band / Glad To See You 04:20
  6. 6 The Incredible String Band / Log Cabin In The Sky 04:24
  7. 7 Joan Baez / Joe Hill 03:34
  8. 8 Joan Baez / Sweet Sir Galahad 05:01
  9. 9 Joan Baez / Rider, Pass By 05:19
  10. 10 Joan Baez / I Shall Be Released 03:29
  11. 11 Joan Baez / Swing Low Sweet Chariot 04:05

It was almost exactly 40 years ago that the most momentous weekend of peace, love and music took place in upstate New York. Many believe that the festival was the unique manifestation of a generation that questioned social norms and political processes and that, as such, the spirit of the event can never be re-created. But at the center of that change was the music, and the music remains.

Though there are no actual Woodstock recordings in the Concert Vault, I did my best here to re-create the entire weekend's worth of music. Of the 32 acts to perform at the festival, there are 24 who have concerts in the Vault. Those 24 are represented over the three individual day's worth of playlists, presented in the order they played during the weekend. I've also tried to choose songs from the artists that were included in their Woodstock setlists, though these were not always available.

Anyway, blah blah blah...Enjoy!

Friday, 8/15:
-Missing music from Sweetwater, Bert Sommer, Tim Hardin, Melanie, Arlo Guthrie.

More info about the setlists can be found at Wikipedia:

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