Top 5: Powerful Female Folk Voices

By: Concert Vault

5 songs / 18:59

  1. 1 Iris DeMent / Let The Mystery Be 02:40
  2. 2 Ani DiFranco / Both Hands 02:56
  3. 3 Alela Diane / My Brambles 04:28
  4. 4 Cris Williamson / Joanna 04:15
  5. 5 Barbara Dane / I've Got To Know 04:40

We love sharing hidden treasures, and highlighted here are five of the most unique and talented female folk artists from the Vault.

1. Iris DeMent / Let the Mystery Be - You may not recognize the name, but respected songwriter Iris DeMent has had songs covered by many artists and featured in film and television.

2. Ani DiFranco / Both Hands - A strong DIY proponent, Ani DiFranco has been releasing albums full of folk anthems on her own label for decades.

3. Alela Diane / My Brambles - As Sean Moeller of Daytrotter said, "Every time Alela Diane sings one of her songs, a firefly gets its fire."

4. Cris Williamson / Joanna - One of the real buried treasures in the Vault; Cris Williamson's vocal performance is completely mesmerizing.

5. Barbara Dane / I've Got to Know - Club owner, promoter, activist - Barbara Dane was so much more than just a singer, but her husky vocals made her a favorite in blues and jazz circles, as well as folk.