Staff Picks Volume 3

By: Concert Vault

12 songs / 1:16:25

  1. 1 Fleetwood Mac / Rattlesnake Shake 09:43
  2. 2 Robert Palmer / Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley 04:36
  3. 3 Average White Band / Person To Person 07:19
  4. 4 Elvis Costello & the Attractions / Watching The Dete… 06:07
  5. 5 Berlin / The Metro 04:48
  6. 6 Frank Zappa / City Of Tiny Lites 04:58
  7. 7 Bill Anderson / Southern Fried 05:09
  8. 8 The Allman Brothers Band / In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 14:32
  9. 9 Lighthouse / Eight Miles High 06:27
  10. 10 Steve Miller / Seasons 04:03
  11. 11 The Chambers Brothers / A Beautiful Life 03:07
  12. 12 Delta Spirit / People, Turn Around! 05:36

1. Fleetwood Mac, "Rattlesnake Shake"
On this first song of the set, Peter Green and company immediately pummel the audience with this hard rockin' tribute to self-gratification. This performance captures an inspired Green near the peak of his power and creativity. Fierce and forceful, this is no warmup excersize as Fleetwood Mac head directly into the stratosphere. (Alan Bershaw - Graham/Dawson Archive Management)

2. Robert Palmer, "Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley"
I'm going to see Phish tonight and this song will always remind me of was the first song they played at the first show I went to (12/30/97). That said, I love Palmer's debut album, made with help from Allen Toussaint, Lowell George, and The Meters...this version of the title track is smoking. (Pete - Not on Tour)

3. Average White Band, "Person to Person"
Makes me want to be in that crowd. (MrPaulCaruso)

4. Elvis Costello and the Attractions, "Watching the Detectives"
Classic Elvis Costello song, it always gets me tapping my foot and singing along. (Grant)

5. Berlin, "The Metro"
A genuine new wave victory... "I remember hating you for loving me... Riding on the meeeetroooooo." AH! (Jocelyn - Metal Detector)

6. Frank Zappa, "City Of Tiny Lites"
This is one is just sheer, exuberant fun and perfect soundtrack for riding around the city. Adrian Belew sings his tushy off on Frank's absurdly, fun lyrics. Tiny is as tiny do. (Milton - Transfer Engineer/Editor)

7. Bill Anderson, "Southern Fried"
An entertaining commentary on the wholesome and fun-loving culture of Southern America at its finest. (Pat - Rogue Intern)

8. The Allman Brothers Band, "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed"
Duane, Gregg and company will knock your socks off with this 14 minute version at the Fillmore West. Listen to this one loud and catch one of their shows while they’re on the road this year. (Aaron - Director of Mojam)

9. Lighthouse, "Eight Miles High"
One of my favo