Staff Picks Volume 2

By: Concert Vault

13 songs / 1:22:37

  1. 1 Bob Dylan & The Band / The Shape I'm In 03:46
  2. 2 Sparks / Amateur Hour / I Like Girls 07:11
  3. 3 Frank Zappa / Black Napkins 06:55
  4. 4 I'm Not There Concert / Goin' To Acapulco - Jim Jame… 05:52
  5. 5 The Paul Butterfield Blues Band / Work Song 13:35
  6. 6 Jerry Garcia Band / Sugaree 10:49
  7. 7 10cc / Waterfall 08:18
  8. 8 Kevin Devine / Murphy's Song 04:00
  9. 9 Delta Spirit / People C'mon 03:31
  10. 10 Mika Miko / Capricorinations 02:00
  11. 11 Dio / Mob Rules 04:55
  12. 12 Talking Heads / Psycho Killer 05:18
  13. 13 Huey Lewis & the News / Workin' For A Living 06:27

1. The Band, "The Shape I'm In"
Despite its dire lyrics this upbeat gem always puts me in a good mood. (Aaron, Director of Mojam)

2. Sparks, "Amateur Hour / I Like Girls"
Two early glam-pop classics from Sparks, pretty much the best band ever! (Michael H., Crawdaddy!)

3. Frank Zappa,"Black Napkins"
Given the fact that Zappa's music is usually so complex and cerebral, this track seems to come straight from the heart. He plays this beautiful, haunting melody with a gigantic guitar sound. I always wind up closing my eyes and going on a journey with this one. (Milton, Transfer Engineer/Editor)

4. Jim James and Calexico, "Goin' To Acapulco"
This song never fails to fill my head with that warm nostalgic calm. Bob Dylan, Jim James, Calexico... how can you go wrong? (Peter)

5. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, "Work Song"
Although any live version of "East-West" from this era is staggering, this lesser known Cannonball Adderly cover from the same era also raises sonic levels of intensity to new hieghts. The three-way dialogue between Mike Bloomfield, Elvin Bishop and Paul Butterfield is nothing short of astounding. (Alan, Graham/Dawson Archive Management)

6. Jerry Garcia Band, "Sugaree"
As much as I love the Dead, it's Jerry's solo stuff that really gets me. (Angie, Crawdaddy! Editor)

7. 10cc, "Waterfall"
Wasn't too familiar with 10cc's music, but was hooked after I heard this song. (Grant)

8. Kevin Devine, "Murphy's Song"
Kevin is one of my Top 5 favorite artists, and his take on a loner's love song to his ailing dog is poignant, heartbreaking, and it's got some killer whistling. (Ivy, Copyrighting/Licensing/Customer Service)

9. Delta Spirit, "People C'Mon"
One of my favorite new bands I've heard in the last couple of years. They put on a great live show. (Eric, President WV)

10. Mika Miko, "Capricorinations"
What if Rocket from the Tombs was actually a bunch of rad chicks from Hermosa Beac