Springsteen Songs

By: Concert Vault

11 songs / 58:15

  1. 1 Manfred Mann's Earth Band / Blinded by the Light 07:46
  2. 2 Dave Edmunds / From Small Things (Big Things One Day… 03:48
  3. 3 Warren Zevon / Cadillac Ranch 03:28
  4. 4 Patti Smith / Because The Night 03:28
  5. 5 Emmylou Harris / Racing In The Streets 05:42
  6. 6 Steve Earle & the Dukes / State Trooper 05:16
  7. 7 Greg Kihn Band / For You 04:34
  8. 8 Manfred Mann's Earth Band / Spirits In The Night 06:01
  9. 9 Karon Bihari / Thunder Road 05:09
  10. 10 Gary "U.S." Bonds / This Little Girl Is Mine 04:57
  11. 11 Clarence Clemons / Savin' Up 08:06

Though it would be extremely difficult to match the energy you can find at a Springsteen show, these artists can still work the crowd with songs penned by The Boss. Some of these tracks are straight-up covers, while others were written by Bruce with these artists specifically in mind. Either way, they're sure to rock and more than likely to mention something about cars, highways and/or romance. A few random notes below:

1 - "Blinded by the Light." This was the first single off of Springsteen's first album, though the most widely known version was released by Manfred Mann's Earth Band in 1977, who topped the Hot 100 charts with their version. The group actually played three of Bruce's songs at this show; "Spirits in the Night" is number 9 on this mix.

3 - "Cadillac Ranch." How do you work a Jersey crowd?

4 - "Because the Night." This was co-written by Smith and Springsteen. The version from the 10,000 Maniacs' "MTV Unplugged" album became their first Top 40 hit.

5 - "Fire." This was one of the songs written while his career was on hold pending legal issues; Springsteen actually had Elvis Presley in mind but he unfortunately passed away before anything could happen. There are also some saucy versions of this track from The Pointer Sisters on the site.

10 - "Thunder Road." Bihari was dating Springsteen at the time and says hello to him in the crowd during this Bottom Line show.

12 - "Savin' Up." The Boss helped his Big Man out on his solo career by writing this song with he and the Red Rockers in mind.