Punk Night: 1/14/78

By: anonymous

27 songs / 1:31:29

  1. 1 The Avengers / Introduction 01:49
  2. 2 The Avengers / The American In Me 01:51
  3. 3 The Avengers / Desperation 02:09
  4. 4 The Avengers / Paint It Black 03:12
  5. 5 The Avengers / Don't Throw It Away 02:27
  6. 6 The Avengers / Open Your Eyes / No Martyr 05:00
  7. 7 The Avengers / Teenage Rebel 03:00
  8. 8 The Avengers / Crazy Homicide 02:24
  9. 9 The Avengers / The End Of The World 02:59
  10. 10 The Avengers / Change 01:57
  11. 11 The Avengers / We Are The One 02:23
  12. 12 The Avengers / I Believe In Me 03:01
  13. 13 The Avengers / Car Crash 05:18
  14. 14 The Sex Pistols / God Save The Queen 04:05
  15. 15 The Sex Pistols / I Wanna Be Me 03:28
  16. 16 The Sex Pistols / Seventeen 02:22
  17. 17 The Sex Pistols / New York 03:42
  18. 18 The Sex Pistols / EMI 03:44
  19. 19 The Sex Pistols / Belsen Was A Gas 02:13
  20. 20 The Sex Pistols / Bodies 04:00
  21. 21 The Sex Pistols / Holidays In The Sun 04:53
  22. 22 The Sex Pistols / Liar 03:38
  23. 23 The Sex Pistols / No Feelings 03:04
  24. 24 The Sex Pistols / Problems 04:39
  25. 25 The Sex Pistols / Pretty Vacant 03:17
  26. 26 The Sex Pistols / Anarchy In The UK 04:03
  27. 27 The Sex Pistols / No Fun 06:51

This playlist presents all 3 sets and the entire 2 hours of music and stage banter that occurred at Winterland on January 14th, 1978. Bill Graham convinced Ian McLaren and The Sex Pistols that they could fill the 5,000 person venue and, once they were booked, he rounded out the bill with local San Francisco punk bands The Nuns and The Avengers. Within 48 hours of the show, The Sex Pistols would be broken up and this would become the last show to feature the Sid Vicious line-up.

For personnel listings and more complete information, please click on the individual concerts in the Related Concerts box to the right. Here, I've taken the liberty of quoting some of my favorite parts of those summaries:

The Nuns:
-Listen to the lyrics of the closing number, "Suicide Child," on this rare live recording of the Nuns and you are likely to be creeped out. Alejandro Escovedo screams out the story of a drug addict's girlfriend who bled to death from a knife wound "on that dirty, filthy bathroom tile"...Only a few months later, Pistols bassist Sid Vicious would wake up from a heroin high to find his girlfriend dead from a knife wound on the tiled bathroom floor of the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan.

-With songs like “Mental Masturbation,” “Cock In My Pocket,” and “Decadent Jew,” it’s clear that the band certainly knows how to make a statement.

-During its heyday, the band was considered the West Coast answer to Blondie, but their music was too brooding and lyrical themes far too dark to become a comparable act commercially.

The Avengers:
-By 1977, the stinking fog of punk rock had crept all the way to the West Coast where untamed youth that might have been doused in paisley and patchouli a decade earlier were now taking razorblades to clothing and safety pins to earlobes. If peace and love were curious and troubling to establishment squares in the ‘60s, the abject nihilism of this new subculture must have been positively terrifying.