By: alanmc

17 songs / 1:11:40

  1. 1 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Welcome To The Big Room 09:16
  2. 2 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Crowd Ambience 00:34
  3. 3 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / High Heels 04:15
  4. 4 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Hello Lonely Woman 04:44
  5. 5 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Song Intro 00:27
  6. 6 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Bad News 07:59
  7. 7 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / banter/ song intro 00:34
  8. 8 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Hey Hey 04:13
  9. 9 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Banter / Song Intro 01:25
  10. 10 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Your Love Is Good To Me 03:45
  11. 11 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Coupe De Ville 04:43
  12. 12 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Life In The City 03:49
  13. 13 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / tuning / banter 00:35
  14. 14 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Soul Of A Woman 05:56
  15. 15 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / This Notes For You 05:29
  16. 16 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Encore Crowd / Banter 05:22
  17. 17 Neil Young & the Bluenotes / Ten Men Working 08:34

Neil Young - lead vocals, guitar
Frank (Poncho) Sampedro - keyboards
Steve Lawrence - lead tenor saxophone
Ben Keith - alto saxophone
Larry Cragg - baritone saxophone
Claude Cailliet - trombone
John Fumo - trumpet
Tom Bray - trumpet
Rick Rosas - bass
Chad Cromwell - drums

Following his well-documented artistic control feud with Geffen Records during much of the 1980s, Neil Young returned to his former label Reprise by the end of the decade. Often perceived as a continuation of his more eclectic years at Geffen, his first album for Reprise, This Notes For You, was his most consistent and uncompromised album in years. Fronting a nine piece rhythm and blues band that included longtime cohorts Ben Keith and Poncho Sampedro (although not playing their most familiar instruments), as well as a full horn section, The Bluenotes were a powerhouse band that showcased yet another side of Neil - a rhythm and blues man.

When The Bluenotes hit the road, Young abandoned the arena circuit and often performed two shows a night at intimate clubs and theaters. Performing only new material and unheard back catalogue written throughout his career, the repertoire was largely unfamiliar to audiences. With the exception of the album's title song, a humorous attack on corporate sponsorship, few had heard this material beforehand, but the group's commitment and Young's distinct lead guitar work won over many a skeptical listener. Unfortunately, only two brief examples of The Bluenotes live on stage were ever officially issued (both on Young's Lucky 13 album), so this important stage of his career has been largely overlooked or trivialized.

Presented here for the first time ever is the mobile unit recording of The Bluenotes live on stage at The World in New York City - the fourth performance during a weeklong series of concerts at this venue. Much of the studio album is represented here in more compelling form, in addition to four songs ("Welcome To The Big Room," "High Heels," "Bad News" and "Your Love Is Good To Me") that remain unr