Dickey Betts

By: marshian

15 songs / 2:13:26

  1. 1 Dickey Betts / Introduction / Rain 04:58
  2. 2 Dickey Betts / Blue Sky 11:05
  3. 3 Dickey Betts / Hide Away 09:11
  4. 4 Dickey Betts / Hand Picked 13:54
  5. 5 Dickey Betts / Long Time Gone 05:32
  6. 6 Dickey Betts / Southbound 09:06
  7. 7 Dickey Betts / Old Joe Clark 01:47
  8. 8 Dickey Betts / Salty Dog Blues 03:13
  9. 9 Dickey Betts / Carolina 02:24
  10. 10 Dickey Betts / Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms 03:29
  11. 11 Dickey Betts / Hard Time Blues 04:05
  12. 12 Dickey Betts / Orange Blossom Special 03:08
  13. 13 Dickey Betts / In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 41:19
  14. 14 Dickey Betts / Ramblin' Man 07:59
  15. 15 Dickey Betts / Jessica 12:16

key Betts - guitar, dobro, vocals
Jeff Hanna - guitar
Spooner Oldham - organ
Vassar Clements - violin
John Hughey - pedal steel guitar
Oscar Underwood Adams - mandolin
Stray Straton - bass, vocals
Bonnie Bramlett - vocals, percussion
Jerry Jumonville - alto sax
David Walshaw - drums, percussion
Jerry Thompson - drums
Leon Poindexter - acoustic guitar
Walter Poindexter - banjo
Frank Poindexter - dobro
By 1974, in large part due to Dickey Betts, Capricorn Records and The Allman Brothers Band were experiencing a success more lucrative than anyone could have dreamed. Betts, as a result, found himself free to pursue almost anything he desired musically, without having to worry about finances in the least. The situation allowed him to record his first solo album, Highway Call, and to perform with countless great musicians for the pure joy of playing, without any expectations of making money in the process. Over the course of the previous year, Betts had found a true, authentic voice, and had begun to distinguish himself within the ABB as a unique stylist, blending his love for country, bluegrass, western swing, jazz and rock into a style utterly his own - and one that would soon prove highly influential on all the Southern Rock bands that followed in the Allman Brothers' wake.
Betts' Great American Music Show featured many of the players from his solo album, including the greatest fiddle player of his generation, Vassar Clements. Both the Poindexters and the legendary Spooner Oldham were also on board, and all these musicians combined to create a show that authentically traced the history of American music.
Betts begins this Winterland show by showcasing his more acoustic side, with plenty of tight harmonies, sweet picking and relaxed communication between the musicians. Several of the best new songs from Betts' solo effort are included, including "Rain," "Long Time Gone" and the superb "Hand Picked." The classic instrumental "Hideaway," as well as Allman Brothers' favorites "Blue Sky" and "Southbound," are given thi