Buried Treasures Volume 1

By: Concert Vault

14 songs / 1:03:10

  1. 1 Jess Roden Band / Live, Love And Learn 04:05
  2. 2 Shadowfax / Working Band 04:44
  3. 3 Great Jones / One Way Ticket (Leaving California) 03:43
  4. 4 Shooting Star / Last Chance 08:19
  5. 5 The Heaters / Thief In The Night 03:53
  6. 6 Pearl Harbor and the Explosions / Stop Me 03:09
  7. 7 Eli / Is Someone Turning Your Head? 06:16
  8. 8 Little Caesar / Rock-N-Roll State Of Mind 03:27
  9. 9 Ruby Starr & Grey Ghost / Sweet, Sweet, Sweet 03:52
  10. 10 Little Roger and the Goosebumps / Dirty Birds 05:20
  11. 11 Turley Richards / Virginia Woman 03:16
  12. 12 Bourgeois Tagg / Cry Like A Baby 03:39
  13. 13 Chilliwack / Fly At Night 04:49
  14. 14 Romeo Void / Talk Dirty To Me 04:38

Every once in a while someone will leave a comment about how they're listening to the best band that should have made it but didn't. This is a collection of tracks from some of those artists that might be household names in a parallel universe not too far removed from this one, as well as some of the comments about them:

1. Jess Roden Band
-jims- really smokin' stuff. it just goes to prove that being really good doesn't get you on the list...it's all about being in the right place at the right time. where is that place anyway? i can't find it. anyway, this band is really awesome. how is it they were passed over? what a crazy world.

2. Shadowfax
-Anonymous- Hello, Val Fuentes, drummer, here, with a little info about Shadowfax...We were a pretty tight band for the times, if i do say so myself! ha! I guess we could of went places, but, like so many bands, we had our problems and it kinda faded away. Oh well, Peace.

3. Great Jones
-mrdigits- Somebody tell me where this dave tolmie guy is please...he is the baddest vocalist I've ever heard

4. Shooting Star
-Bromoe- WOW!!! Thanks for the Share! Metal head back in the 70's and early 80's, but when I wanted to listen to some Rock-n-Roll this was a band I cranked on a regular basis. Love the electric violin (ala Kansas)and the keyboard mix...As with bands like April Wine and Head East they never got the props for Rocking pretty dang hard!

5. The Heaters
-james D- ...I was the Guitar player for the Heaters from 1975 till 1980 and I had no idea this recording even existed. The Heaters got back together last year to play at the Viper Room in Hollywood it was amazing to see that we could still sell out a show, talk about loyal fans. Twenty Seven years between gigs. You can go to our web site theheatersonline.com for more info on the band...James Demeter

6. Pearl Harbor
-Carl Marks- Having had the privilege to drool over this fine specimen of beauty during the multiple times I have seen Pearl Harbour open for the Cramps in San Francisco, I thank Wolfgang's Vault for maki