Phil Ochs

Ash Grove (Los Angeles, CA)

Jul 2, 1967

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  1. 1 Stage Banter / Song Intro 01:02
  2. 2 There But For Fortune 02:59
  3. 3 Song Intro 00:58
  4. 4 Maintaining Law And Order 03:23
  5. 5 Song Intro 00:50
  6. 6 Draft Dodgers Rag 02:44
  7. 7 Song Intro 00:34
  8. 8 Miranda 06:15
  9. 9 Song Intro 00:49
  10. 10 Pleasures Of The Harbour 06:00
  11. 11 Tape From California 07:06
  12. 12 I Ain't Marching Anymore (incomplete) 02:58
  13. 13 Cross My Heart (Outtake) 04:05
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Phil Ochs - vocals, guitar

Possessor of a sharp wit, sardonic sense of humor and a distinctive voice, Phil Ochs was one of the most prolific topical folk singers of the 1960s. Presented here is a previously unheard recording of Ochs performing live at The Ash Grove, shortly after his relocation to California during the Summer Of Love.

Recorded around the time Ochs had begun working on his fifth album, Tape From California, which would feature both topical and experimental songwriting, this recording captures Ochs at a career transition, when he began widening the scope of his music. Longer poetic songs with more elaborate arrangements were becoming just as likely as the solo acoustic protest songs that built his reputation.

Ochs' set features a nice balance of old and new material. Not surprisingly, his fourth album, Pleasures Of The Harbor is emphasized, including the opener "Cross My Heart," plus "Miranda" and the title song back to back later in the set. Staples of his early 60s repertoire are also here, including three of his most important songs, "There But For Fortune," "Draft Dodgers Rag" and the setclosing "I Ain't Marching Anymore." However, what may be of greatest interest to Ochs fans is the Woody Guthrie inspired "Maintaining Law And Order" and a sneak preview of what was soon to come with a primarily instrumental performance of "Tape From California."