Phil Collins

Tower Theater (Philadelphia, PA)

Dec 10, 1982 - Late

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  1. 1 Crowd 00:42
  2. 2 I Don't Care Anymore 06:22
  3. 3 Thunder and Lightning 04:11
  4. 4 Band Chatter 01:44
  5. 5 I Cannot Believe It's True 05:18
  6. 6 This Must Be Love 04:18
  7. 7 Band Chatter 02:52
  8. 8 Thru These Walls 05:24
  9. 9 Band Chatter 00:28
  10. 10 I Missed Again 03:38
  11. 11 Behind The Lines 04:06
  12. 12 Band Chatter 00:25
  13. 13 You Know What I Mean 02:53
  14. 14 The Roof Is Leaking 03:28
  15. 15 Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away 05:29
  16. 16 The West Side 05:14
  17. 17 Crowd 00:43
  18. 18 If Leaving Me Is Easy 07:02
  19. 19 In The Air Tonight 06:18
  20. 20 Band Introduction 08:10
  21. 21 Like China 05:38
  22. 22 You Can't Hurry Love 03:32
  23. 23 It Don't Matter To Me 04:19
  24. 24 Hand In Hand 08:02
  25. 25 Crowd 02:22
  26. 26 . . . And So To F . . . 08:27
More Phil Collins

Phil Collins - vocals, drums
Daryl Stuermer - guitar
Chester Thompson - drums
Peter Robinson - keyboards
Mo Foster - bass
The Phoenix Horns - Don Myrick, Louis Satterfield, Rhamlee Michael Davis, Michael Harris

This is the second show taped on December 10th, at the Tower Theater in Philly, and is a complete performance (as opposed to the early show, which was missing key tracks such as "In The Air" and "Can't Hurry Love.") This show includes most of the material from Collins' first two solo albums, Face Value and Hello, I Must Be Going!

Collins had first built his career as the drummer for the popular British art rock band, Genesis. When lead vocalist Peter Gabriel departed for a solo career after 1975's Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tour, however, Collins was propelled to edge of the stage as the band's new front man. It was a role that would come easy to Collins. After a painful divorce led to the creation of several introspective demos in 1980, Collins decided it was time to pursue a solo career outside of Genesis. By the time he embarked on his first solo U.S. tour in 1982, he had already amassed a number of hits, including "In The Air," "I Missed Again," "I Don't Care Anymore," "Like China," "It Don't Matter To Me" and a sassy remake of The Supremes/Motown classic "Can't Hurry Love."

All those songs and many more are featured here in this late show of Phil Collins at the Tower Theater. His band is stellar, including two Genesis sidemen: Chester Thompson on drums and Daryl Stuermer on guitar. Also on board was bassist Mo Foster, who had worked in The Average White Band. Other highlights include "I Can Not Believe It's True," "This Must Be Love," "If Leaving Me Is Easy" and "Hand in Hand," which closes the show.