Phil Collins

Berkeley Community Theatre (Berkeley, CA)

Dec 16, 1982

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  1. 1 Crowd 00:26
  2. 2 I Don't Care Anymore 06:21
  3. 3 Thunder and Lightning 04:29
  4. 4 Interlude 01:22
  5. 5 I Cannot Believe It's True 05:15
  6. 6 This Must Be Love 04:23
  7. 7 Interlude 02:19
  8. 8 Thru These Walls 05:29
  9. 9 Interlude 00:24
  10. 10 I Missed Again 03:40
  11. 11 Behind The Lines 04:15
  12. 12 You Know What I Mean 03:08
  13. 13 The Roof Is Leaking 03:33
  14. 14 Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away 05:51
  15. 15 The West Side 06:35
  16. 16 If Leaving Me Is Easy 07:46
  17. 17 In The Air Tonight 06:16
  18. 18 Band Introduction 06:58
  19. 19 Like China 05:29
  20. 20 You Can't Hurry Love 03:32
  21. 21 It Don't Matter To Me 04:19
  22. 22 Hand In Hand 08:12
  23. 23 Crowd 02:21
  24. 24 . . . And So To F . . . 08:48
  25. 25 Crowd 01:13
  26. 26 People Get Ready 03:57
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Phil Collins - vocals, drums
Daryl Stuermer - guitar
Chester Thompson - drums
Peter Robinson - keyboards
Mo Foster - bass
The Phoenix Horns - Don Myrick, Louis Satterfield, Rhamlee Michael Davis, Michael Harris

Phil Collins was still finding his space in the world of pop music when he embarked on his first solo tour in 1982, from which this show was recorded. There's a somewhat shaky mix of intelligent art rock influenced by his work in Genesis and Brand X, with his newfound pop sensibility exercised in the surprise mega hit solo album, Face Value.

His solo revision of "Behind The Lines" is the only actual link to his work with Genesis, but the presence other non-core Genesis band mates on this tour (Stuermer and Thompson) gives it enough of a musical feel to keep the prog music fans happy. The very funky Phoenix Horns, fresh from a tour with Earth, Wind and Fire, infuse the pop/rock arrangements with a genuine R&B element.

Collins was smart enough to wait until he'd released two very successful solo albums before going on his first solo tour. The audience, as a result, is not only familiar with these songs, but is also genuinely excited to hear them. Needless to say, there are no cat calls for Genesis to be heard.

The Fab Jacuzzi's are just that - fabulous. The musicianship in this group is exceptional, and consequently, so are energetic live versions of Collins' biggest hits - especially "In The Air Tonight," "I Missed Again" and "Like China." Other setlist highlights include Collins' cover of The Supremes classic "You Can't Hurry Love" and his tender read of The Impressions standard "People Get Ready."

All in all, an exciting chance to witness a versatile and ultimately highly influential musician - and at the exact moment in time that a sound and style were being developed that would come, eventually, to define an era.