Lou Reed

Jan 14, 1989

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  1. 1 Interview 24:35
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00:00 - New album, New York / title and lyrics / what's happening to cities
01:30 - "Dirty Blvd." / drugs spreading into suburbs
02:30 - Benefit for the New York homeless with Paul Simon / inducting Dion into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame / Dion singing backup on "Dirty Blvd."
05:00 - Inspiring other cities to help the homeless / vans providing free medical checkups for children / other meanings of "Dirty Blvd."
07:30 - "Romeo Had Juliet" in "the biblical sense" / the luxury of trying a studio out before you use it for an album
08:45 - The album is sequenced to be experienced in one sitting, straight through like a novel
09:20 - Different characters in New York
10:00 - Rewriting is really hard, but important to make a song polished
10:45 - Interest in new artists, loving Cowboy Junkies' cover of "Sweet Jane"
13:30 - AIDS benefit in Los Angeles / the government thinks people with AIDS aren't worth saving
15:00 - "Xmas In February" / Vietnam vets
16:00 - Being proud of Berlin, first attempt at a thematic album with characters
17:30 - Upcoming tour in major cities / touring with musicians from the album / the importance of a drummer
20:10 - The album is funny and takes multiple listens to get into
21:00 - "Busload of Faith" / translating lyrics for other countries / objections from Italy / banning things makes people want them more / making records that speak intimately to people