Leo Kottke

Palace Theater Waterbury (Waterbury, CT)

May 19, 1973

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  1. 1 The Driving Of The Year Nail 01:28
  2. 2 From The Cradle To The Grave 02:13
  3. 3 Jack Fig 03:38
  4. 4 Louise 04:02
  5. 5 Living In The Country 02:04
  6. 6 Bean Time 01:56
  7. 7 Ojo 02:30
  8. 8 The Sailor's Grave On The Prairie 02:30
  9. 9 June Bug 02:06
  10. 10 Eight Miles High 03:21
  11. 11 Vaseline Machine Gun 02:47
  12. 12 Standing In My Shoes 02:11
  13. 13 Busted Bicycle 02:34
  14. 14 The Tennessee Toad 03:21
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Leo Kottke - vocals, guitars

In 1973 Leo Kottke was in the center of his most prolific period. By this time he had released three studio albums and two live albums, and built a well-deserved reputation as a master of his chosen instrument with few peers. His unconventional tuning and playing of both six- and twelve-string acoustic guitar was well-developed by this time, and on full display at this Waterbury, Connecticut performance in front of a very appreciative crowd.

He opens with "The Driving Of The Year Nail" from his first studio album, 6- and 12-String Guitar and then dives into "From The Cradle To The Grave" from his then most recent album, Greenhouse. Kottke's incredible technique is immediately on display here, as is his unique baritone on "Cradle."

Suffice it to say that few have ever come close to this intensity and intricacy level on an acoustic guitar. He ranges from the lyrical beauty of "The Sailor's Grave On The Prairie" to the full-on assault of "Bill Cheatham," and then throttles up into a blistering take on "Bean Time."

In addition to "Cradle," aficionados of Kottke's distinctive vocal style will enjoy the inclusion of "Louise" and his memorable version of The Byrds' "Eight Miles High."

Taken as a whole, this is a thoroughly enjoyable performance from this incredible acoustic guitarist. Sit back and enjoy as the master plays.