Lee Greenwood

Tallahassee, FL

Dec 16, 1983

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  1. 1 Claire's Song 04:45
  2. 2 We're Headed For A Party 02:14
  3. 3 Home Away From Home 03:23
  4. 4 Ain't No Trick (It Takes Magic) 03:19
  5. 5 Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands 03:26
  6. 6 Listen To The Thunder 02:53
  7. 7 Mountain Dew 02:07
  8. 8 Band Chatter 01:52
  9. 9 McDonalds and You 00:17
  10. 10 Thank You For Changing My Life 02:54
  11. 11 Band Chatter 01:59
  12. 12 Yakety Sax 05:31
  13. 13 It Turns Me Inside Out 03:24
  14. 14 Band Chatter 01:36
  15. 15 Somebody's Gonna Love You 04:10
  16. 16 Going, Going Gone 03:36
  17. 17 Ladies Love 03:24
  18. 18 I.O.U. 03:31
  19. 19 C'Mon Back And Love Me Some More 02:42
  20. 20 Tennessee Waltz 04:41
  21. 21 She's Lyin' 03:53
  22. 22 Band Chatter 00:37
  23. 23 Drivin' My Life Away 04:25
  24. 24 The Wind Beneath My Wings 03:26
  25. 25 Band Chatter 02:54
  26. 26 God Bless the U.S.A. 04:01
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Lee Greenwood - lead vocals, guitar
Gene Lorenzo - keyboards
Mickey Olson - keyboards
Nick Urhing - rhythm guitar, vocals
Paul Urhing - bass, vocals
Harry Robinson - guitar
Mark Greenwood - drums

This show was recorded on the tour that promoted the release of his huge hit single, "God Bless the U.S.A." It's interesting to hear Lee Greenwood explain to the audience what the song is about, and why he felt the need to write and record it. In an almost apologetic way he launches into the song, which moves the audience.

The rest of the show is a build up to this musical climax, and features a number of songs Greenwood has come to be known for. With his band that includes members of Kenny Rogers and the First Edition and Dolly Parton's back up band, Greenwood presents a number of his country hits in a musical show-revue, Vegas-styled performance.

This is no surprise, since Greenwood spent almost two decades honing his craft in the dingy lounges of Las Vegas. The highlights of this show include "Claire's Song," a pretty country song written by Greenwood; "We're Headed For A Party," an up-tempo party song designed to get the audience on its feet; the catchy hit, "Ring On Her Finger and Time On Her Hands", and the aforementioned "God Bless the U.S.A."

Greenwood also includes a number of covers in the show including the classic Patti Page number "Tennessee Waltz" and his take on the Bette Midler standard "Wind Beneath My Wings."

Greenwood would continue to be a force in Country music through the early 1990s. By the time the contemporary country music scene kicked in with acts like Shania Twain and Keith Urban, Greenwood had become mostly a country music oldies act, doing mostly state fairs and casinos.