John Anderson

Music Village USA (Hendersonville, TN)

Nov 24, 1984

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  1. 1 I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal (But I'm Gonna Be A Diamond So… 04:08
  2. 2 She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs 02:37
  3. 3 Your Lying Blue Eyes 03:29
  4. 4 Goin' Down Hill 04:12
  5. 5 Long Black Veil 03:49
  6. 6 Band Introduction 01:24
  7. 7 Chicken Truck 03:04
  8. 8 Love You A Thousand Ways 03:08
  9. 9 1959 03:53
  10. 10 Haunted House 03:44
  11. 11 Crazy Arms 03:22
  12. 12 She Sure Got Away With My Heart 02:55
  13. 13 I Wish I Could Write You A Song 03:28
  14. 14 Let Somebody Else Drive 02:58
  15. 15 Would You Catch A Falling Star 02:54
  16. 16 Wild And Blue 03:14
  17. 17 Swingin' 02:58
  18. 18 I Just Came Home To Count The Memories 04:16
  19. 19 Black Sheep 05:03
  20. 20 Interlude 03:14
  21. 21 She Sure Got Away With My Heart 03:01
  22. 22 I Wish I Could Write You A Song 03:29
  23. 23 1959 03:54
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John Anderson - lead vocals, guitar
Mike Jordan - piano
Ax Lincoln - tack bass
Larry Emmons - bass
Jim Wolf - drums
Tom Morley - fiddle
Vern Pildren - lead guitar
Bucks Reed - pedal steel

Emerging from Florida and later Nashville, Tennessee (where he moved in the 1970s), John Anderson was a singer/songwriter closely akin to the famed Bakersfield, California sound. The Bakersfield style launched the careers of Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, among others, and played a pivotal role in the development of Anderson's own music.

He was still a rising star when this show was recorded for the Silver Eagle Cross Country Radio Concert Series in November, 1984. At the time of this show, Anderson was promoting his Greatest Hits album, his sixth record since signing with Warner Brothers Nashville in 1980.

Anderson, along with his contemporaries Dwight Yoakam and Steve Earle, gained popularity by bringing a contemporary sound to a traditional style of country music. As such, these artists were tagged "the New Traditionalists." Recorded live in Nashville, TN, this show features a set full of Anderson originals and classic country covers, which makes for an outstanding show. Opening with "Chunk Of Coal" and the radio fave "She Just Started Liking Cheatin Songs," Anderson offers up an excellent collection of all his already recorded material, as well as songs from his pre-fame honky-tonk days.

"Your Lying Blue Eyes," "Goin' Down Hill" and the traditional "Long Black Veil" reveal Anderson's more pensive side before he kicks it back into overdrive for his humorous "Chicken Truck," the story of a frustrated hot-rodder stuck on a two-lane country road behind a very slow moving truck full of live chickens. Everything on his Greatest Hits album appears in the show, but these live renditions are arguably better versions. They include "Love You A Thousand Ways," "1959," "Haunted House," "Crazy Arms," "She Sure Got Away With My Heart," "Would You Catch A Falling Star," "Swinging" and "Black Sheep."