Joan Armatrading

Hammersmith Odeon (London, England)

May 11, 1977

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  1. 1 Down To Zero 05:02
  2. 2 Help Yourself 04:15
  3. 3 Never Is Too Late 06:08
  4. 4 Show Some Emotion 04:30
  5. 5 Willow 04:59
  6. 6 Band Chatter 00:56
  7. 7 Opportunity 03:29
  8. 8 Woncha Come On Home 02:58
  9. 9 Steppin' Out 04:18
  10. 10 Love And Affection 04:16
  11. 11 Cool Blue Stole My Heart 06:32
  12. 12 Band Intros 01:47
  13. 13 Mama Mercy 03:20
  14. 14 Kissin' And A Huggin' 04:53
  15. 15 Tall In The Saddle 06:32
  16. 16 Peace In Mind 03:59
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Joan Armatrading - vocals, acoustic guitar
Brian Garfalo - bass
Quitman Dennis - lyricon
David Kemper - drums
Jerry Donahue - electric guitar
Red Young - keyboards

Over thirty years after this show was captured for the King Biscuit Flower Hour at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, the music of singer/songwriter Joan Armatrading still stands the test of time. This was the dawn of her career when, after becoming a press darling in her native U.K. in 1976, she embarked on a campaign to break out in the states. This recording marks her return to London, after Armatrading had finished her first U.S. tour and done extensive promotion for her current LP on A&M Records.

It is clear from these tracks that she is home and happy to be there. She performs with incredible emotion and zest, especially on the up-tempo tracks "Help Yourself," "Show Some Emotion," and "Love and Affection," which were among the biggest tracks for her outside of the U.K. Other songs in this set, performed with her band of excellent musicians, include "Cool Blue Stole My Heart" and the coy number "Kissin' and Huggin'."

Joan Armatrading would never break through to big audiences outside of the U.K., but she built enough of a core audience to allow her to tour worldwide for more than two decades after this show was recorded. Of course, in England Armatrading remained a big star, and still performs regularly today, often playing sold out U.K. tours and large summer music festivals.