Madison, WI (Madison, WI)

Jul 29, 1980

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  1. 1 Intro / BeBe Le Strange 04:12
  2. 2 Crazy On You 04:26
  3. 3 Straight On 05:15
  4. 4 Even It Up 06:08
  5. 5 Raised On You 04:31
  6. 6 Strange Night 04:57
  7. 7 Stage Banter 00:34
  8. 8 Just The Wine 06:44
  9. 9 Dog And Butterfly 05:13
  10. 10 Down On Me 05:31
  11. 11 Mistral Wind 07:22
  12. 12 Nancy Solo / Break 04:14
  13. 13 Magic Man 03:23
  14. 14 Barracuda 05:10
  15. 15 Rockin' Heaven Down 06:22
  16. 16 Rock And Roll (incomplete) 05:07
  17. 17 Sweet Darlin' 04:09
  18. 18 applause for 2nd encore 00:44
  19. 19 Intro 00:32
  20. 20 Tell It Like It Is 04:42
  21. 21 I'm Down / Long Tall Sally 03:20
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Ann Wilson -vocals, guitar, piano, flute
Nancy Wilson vocals, guitar, mandolin, keyboards
Howard Leese - guitar, synthesizer, keyboards, backing vocals
Mike DeRosier - drums, percussion
Steve Fossen - bass, percussion

At the dawn of the 1980s, Heart's 5th album, Bebe le Strang, would signal the band's transition into the new decade, followed later in the year by Greatest Hits/Live. Both of these 1980 releases would continue the group's winning streak of Top Ten albums, but the former would be the first to do so without lead guitarist Roger Fisher and the latter would essentially be an overview of the group's initial rise to fame. The band would spend the next several years struggling with their identity before making one of the greatest comebacks of the decade five years later.

Presented here in its entirety is the band's Madison, Wisconsin stop on the Bebe le Strange tour, featuring material both old and new. Not surprisingly, this performance features an emphasis on Bebe le Strange material, which generally shines brighter than the studio recordings. 1970s hits, like "Magic Man, " "Crazy On You" and "Barracuda" are also well represented and a choice selection of covers surface during a double dose of encores. These include Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll" and a highly energized homage to Paul McCartney with the pairing of The Beatles "I'm Down" and Litlle Richard's "Long Tall Sally. A standout performance of "Tell It Like It Is" is also featured, which would result in another Top Ten single for Heart later in the year.

Conveying classic rock, folk and metal influences, the Wilson sisters' trademark sound is very much intact here. Although the lusher sonic textures of their studio work is replaced with a more straightforward approach on stage, this is a remarkably strong performance sure to delight fans of Heart's first golden era.