George Strait

Lone Star Cafe (New York, NY)

Apr 28, 1984

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  1. 1 Why Baby Why 02:23
  2. 2 I Can't See Texas From Here 02:32
  3. 3 Amarillo By Morning 03:06
  4. 4 Right Or Wrong 02:15
  5. 5 Blame It On Mexico 03:04
  6. 6 Friday Night Fever 02:45
  7. 7 Cherokee Maiden 03:40
  8. 8 Milk Cow Blues 05:21
  9. 9 Drivin' Nails In My Coffin 03:32
  10. 10 A Little Heavens Rubbing Off On Me 02:47
  11. 11 Band Intros 01:24
  12. 12 You Look So Good In Love 03:37
  13. 13 Marina Del Ray 03:01
  14. 14 80 Proof Bottle Of Tear Stopper 02:17
  15. 15 Honky Tonk Crazy 02:33
  16. 16 I'm Satisfied With You 03:23
  17. 17 Fool Hearted Memory 02:39
  18. 18 Let's Fall To Pieces Together 03:10
  19. 19 If You're Thinking You Want A Stranger (There's One Coming H… 02:55
  20. 20 Fifteen Years Going Up (And One nIght Coming Down) 03:01
  21. 21 Our Paths May Never Cross 02:40
  22. 22 That's What I Like About The South 02:26
  23. 23 Home In San Antone 02:09
  24. 24 Unwound 02:23
  25. 25 Corina, Corina 02:12
  26. 26 If You Think I Am Crazy Now 02:25
  27. 27 Honky Tonk Night Time Man 03:19
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George Strait - vocals, guitar
Richard Casanova - fiddle
Mike Davies - steel guitar
Benny McArthur - guitar
Roger Montgomery - drums
Rick McCrea - lead guitar
Terry Hale - bass
Ronnie Huckabee - piano

The fact that country superstar George Strait manages to perform 27 complete songs in under one hour and 17 minutes tells you one thing: he's all about the music and he makes it his business to make sure the fans get their money's worth when they attend one of his shows. Recorded at New York City's Lonestar Cafe for the Silver Eagle Cross Country radio concert series in 1984, this show sounds just as good today as it did nearly a quarter century ago when it was first aired.

Although not one of the most exciting stage performers to emerge from the thriving 1980s Nashville music scene (by way of his home base of Texas), Strait is simply an exceptional country singer who consistently writes and records radio friendly country-pop songs. Still a major concert draw today, Strait has had a remarkable career. He's released 26 albums since the late 1970s, nearly all of which have gone gold or platinum. He has had 31 singles hit #1 on the Billboard Country charts (as well as a half dozen in the Top 10); and his sole movie project, entitled Pure Country, was a box office champ in its genre. His four-CD box set, released in 1995, remains one of the best selling CD compilations of all time.

Even though he had released one LP as the Ace In The Hole band in 1976, Strait had only been a national MCA recording artist since 1980 when he did this concert broadcast on the Silver Eagle Cross Country radio concert series. Two years prior, he had released Strait From The Heart, a breakthrough album that began his run of #1 hits.

This show is still early in his career, but there are enough familiar songs to make it a notable listening experience, including "Why Baby Why," "I Can't See Texas From Here," "Fool Hearted Memory" (his first #1 in 1982); "If You're Thinking You Want A Stranger;" and "Unwound." Also in this show, Strait gives memorable performances of the traditional country blues classic, "Corina, Corina," (which has been covered by hundreds of artists from Bob Dylan to Taj Mahal to Steppenwolf), and "Milk Cow Blues," originally written by Kokomo Arnold, and a concert staple in early Kinks shows.