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  1. John & Yoko at the Bed-In For Peace Interviews John & Yoko at the Bed-In …Recorded in Montreal during the second Bed-In in 1969, this interview captures John & Yoko in their element, championing peace amidst chaos.
  2. Springsteen & the E Street Band, 1978 Featured Springsteen & the E Street…

    The boys at the height of their powers.

  3. Allmans, closing night at Fillmore East Rock Allmans, closing night at …

    The end of an era, ushered out by the Brothers.

  4. U2, Live from 1981 Video watch video U2, Live from 1981
  5. Bon Iver: Daytrotter Session, 2008 Indie Bon Iver: Daytrotter Sessi…A hauntingly beautiful session from 2012's Best New Artist Grammy winner.
  6. Miles Davis at Tanglewood Jazz Miles Davis at Tanglewood

    Miles was riding high on the waves of his seminal jazz-rock fusion albums when he electrified this huge audience with his dense, experimental sound in 1970.

  7. Stevie Ray Live in Texas Blues Stevie Ray Live in Texas

    A Strat-tastic tour de force in this homecoming show for the Lone Star State's string-bender numero uno.

  8. Sondre Lerche: Barnstormer, 2011 Indie Sondre Lerche: Barnstormer…Norwegian pop wunderkind, Sondre Lerche, brought his catchy hooks and melodic brilliance to the U.S. Midwest as part of Daytrotter's Barnstormer tour.
  9. Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys Folk & Bluegrass Bill Monroe and the Bluegr…Download a stellar 1967 set from the mandolin maestro and his legendary band.
  10. Chet Atkins live in Nashville, 1985 Country Chet Atkins live in Nashvi…Mr. Guitar Goes to Music City
  11. Ray Charles at Newport '60 Jazz Ray Charles at Newport '60A soul music icon, Ray Charles was equally conversant in jazz, as he showcases in this set.
  12. Jethro Tull, Tanglewood 1970 Rock watch video Jethro Tull, Tanglewood 1970Bill Graham brought the "Fillmore" brand to Tangelwood, a classical venue outside Boston, with headliners the Who and then up-and-comers, Jethro Tull.
  13. Maybelle Carter in 1963 Folk & Bluegrass Maybelle Carter in 1963Hear why this country/folk matriarch is known as "Queen of the Autoharp."
  14. Country-Rock Playlist Country Country-Rock PlaylistThis mix is queued up with over two hours of tunes by good ol' gals, cosmic cowboys, and outlaw countrymen.
  15. Duke Ellington and His Orchestra '68 Jazz Duke Ellington and His Orc…One of the biggest names in jazz, Edward Kennedy Ellington (aka Duke) was the most important bandleaders for a span of over 50 years.
  16. Willie Dixon, Ash Grove, 1972 Blues Willie Dixon, Ash Grove, 1972

  17. Aerosmith 1975 Rock Aerosmith 1975It's 1975, lock up your drugs - Aerosmith is coming to town! These notorious opiate-hounds swaggered like the bastard sons of Mick and Keef.
  18. Aretha Franklin at the Fillmore West Video watch video Aretha Franklin at the Fil…
  19. The Introspective Pete Townshend Interviews The Introspective Pete Tow…Recorded in 1982, this interview offers great insights into the music, lifestyle, and demise of The Who, and Townshend's place at the center of it all.
  20. The Sex Pistols' Final Performance Video watch video The Sex Pistols' Final Per…
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