Dire Straits

Southern Star Ampitheatre (Houston, TX)

Aug 17, 1985

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  1. 1 Ride Across The River 10:09
  2. 2 Expresso Love 06:41
  3. 3 One World 05:43
  4. 4 Romeo And Juliet 08:42
  5. 5 Private Investigations 08:17
  6. 6 Sultans Of Swing 11:39
  7. 7 Why Worry 05:06
  8. 8 Walk Of Life 04:05
  9. 9 Two Young Lovers 04:49
  10. 10 Money For Nothing 07:59
  11. 11 Wild West End 12:35
  12. 12 Tunnel Of Love 08:25
  13. 13 Brothers In Arms 08:21
  14. 14 Solid Rock 05:06
  15. 15 Going Home 04:34
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Mark Knopfler - vocals, guitar
Jack Sonni - guitar
John Illsey - bass, vocals
Guy Fletcher - keyboards, vocals
Alan Clark - keyboards, vocals
Terry Williams - drums
Chris White - saxophone, flute

This is an amazing Dire Straits set from its acclaimed 1985, Brothers In Arms tour, and the second of three shows taped that year for the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio concert series. Led by guitarist / vocalist / songwriter Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits was probably at its best live configuration ever for this memorable tour. Brothers In Arms, which received rave reviews, a Grammy, and sales of over 10 million copies. At the time, it was a new album, and neither the audience nor the band had any idea how much impact it would have on music fans worldwide.

Opening with "Ride Across The River," and moving quickly into the rockin' "Expresso Love," this Texas audience never let up in its appreciation for the band and the music. Every song in the set is a gem, among them "One World," "Romeo and Juliet," "Sultans Of Swing" (which lasts for 11 minutes and 39 seconds here), "Why Worry," "Walk Of Life," "Two Young Lovers," "Money For Nothing," (complete with Sting's memorable vocal intro), and "Wild West End." "Private Investigations" is the closest thing to a film noir music experience that has ever been written, and the final tracks which include both pensive and upbeat songs—"Tunnel Of Love," "Brother In Arms," "Solid Rock," and "Going Home"— make up one of the best concert finales in recent memory.

Dire Straits, with the distinct writing, guitar work, and vocals of Knopfler, had already released several brilliant albums (including its debut LP and 1981's Making Movies). But no one was prepared for the sheer brilliance of Brothers In Arms. It is the material from Brothers In Arms that makes this recording so special.

Although the band has never officially broken up, it has been over 10 years since Knopfler took Dire Straits on the road. He now focuses on a country-flavored solo career and a steady stream of film soundtrack projects.