Dave Matthews Band

Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA)

Oct 19, 1997

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  1. 1 Introduction 01:13
  2. 2 Satellite 05:38
  3. 3 The Song That Jane Likes 04:25
  4. 4 So Much To Say / Anyone Seen The Bridge 05:36
  5. 5 Too Much (incomplete) 04:01
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Dave Matthews - guitar, vocals
Stefan Lessard - bass guitar
Carter Beauford - percussion, drums
LeRoi Moore - saxophone, flute, horns
Boyd Tinsley - violin

By 1997, the Dave Matthews Band's highly rhythmic, groove oriented style had earned them a legion of fanatical fans and four Grammy nominations. Captured at Neil and Peggy Young's annual Bridge School Benefits, the group performs hits like "Satellite," So Much To Say" and Too Much." Riding high on the success of their second album, Crash, and just a week prior to the release of their acclaimed Live At Red Rocks album, hear the DMB adapting their highly energetic style to an all acoustic format.