Cutting Crew

Riverfest (St. Paul, MN)

Jul 19, 1987

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  1. 1 Introduction 00:27
  2. 2 The Broadcast 02:02
  3. 3 Any Colour 05:36
  4. 4 Life In A Dangerous Time 05:41
  5. 5 Interlude 00:30
  6. 6 Don't Look Back 03:52
  7. 7 Interlude 00:45
  8. 8 I've Been In Love Before 05:27
  9. 9 Fear of Falling 07:31
  10. 10 A Mirror And A Blade 06:26
  11. 11 It Shouldn't Take Too Long 04:18
  12. 12 (I Just) Died In Your Arms 05:18
  13. 13 Sahara 06:02
  14. 14 One For The Mockingbird 10:02
  15. 15 Interlude 01:27
  16. 16 The Great One-Handed Brag 05:03
  17. 17 Drums 01:31
  18. 18 (I Just) Died In Your Arms 06:36
More Cutting Crew

Kevin Scott MacMichael - guitar
Nick Van Eede - vocals
Colin Farley - bass
Martin Beadle - drums
Tony Moore - keyboards

The Cutting Crew, while remaining relatively mid-level in terms of critical success, was one of the more talented pop bands to emerge out of the '80s U.K. pop scene. Although the band had a tendency to write and record big production pop songs that leaned more toward the safer, middle-of-the road pop, rather than the more in-vogue MTV sound, Cutting Crew had strong material and a great band of musicians to perform it.

Vocalist Nick Van Eede combined blue eyed soul with '80s new wave pop sensibilities to deliver strong and memorable vocal performances. Indeed, this show, recorded in St Paul, Minnesota during band's 1987 Broadcast tour, (launched to promote their debut album of the same name ) shows just how trained Van Eede's voice was on the road. He hits all the notes with no problems whatsoever, and never loses power - even when singing out of his natural range.

Guitarist Kevin Scott MacMichael (who founded the band with Van Eede in 1985) is the other musical maverick featured here. His guitar stylings are both subtle and powerful, similar in style to U2's the Edge. The four piece band (bassist Colin Farley and drummer Martin Beadle rounded out the core lineup) were added by keyboardist Tony Moore, whose sparse but effective keyboards gave the band's sound an ethereal feel.

The group scored a few minor hits with Broadcast, but it was the their 1987single "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight," which went to #1 in 15 different countries including the U.S. and England, that made them a household name around the world. Sadly, Cutting Crew never equaled the success of that single or Broadcast, even though they released three additional albums up through 1992, when they disbanded to pursue solo projects. But to get an idea of how good of a live act Cutting Crew was in their heyday, give this show a listen.