Concert Vault
  1. Interviews Tommy James Recalls the '60s Interviews: Tommy James Recalls the '60s Dec 3, 1988

    The pop singer and leader of the Shondells reminisces about "Mony Mony," "Hanky Panky" and "Crimson and Clover" in this 1988 interview.

  2. Interviews Roy Orbison Reminisces Interviews: Roy Orbison Reminisces Jun 28, 1979

    The American music legend, who was born on this day in 1936, talks about his early years on Sun Records in this '79 chat with Robert Klein.

  3. Interviews Stevie Ray Vaughan Opens Up Interviews: Stevie Ray Vaughan Opens Up Lone Star Cafe | Jan 1, 1985 watch video

    The Texas guitar hero speaks candidly about his upbringing and influences in this pre-rehab interview from 1985 at the Lone Star Cafe.

  4. Interviews A George Harrison Chat in '75 Interviews: A George Harrison Chat in '75 Aug 24, 1975

    Hear the former Beatle discuss his early influences, the downside of Beatlemania and the concept of karma.

  5. Interviews Happy Birthday, Keith Richards! Interviews: Happy Birthday, Keith Richards! Nov 12, 1988

    The Stones' guitarist and resident riffmeister turns 70 today. Hear him speak about his 1988 solo release, Talk Is Cheap

  6. Interviews David Bowie Speaks, 1978 Interviews: David Bowie Speaks, 1978 Jan 23, 1978

    In this revealing chat, Bowie talks about the characters he invented, the burgeoning punk movement and the merits of shock value.

  7. Interviews Happy Birthday, Woody Allen! Interviews: Happy Birthday, Woody Allen! Jan 23, 1977

    The author-playwright-filmmaker turns 78 today. Hear him talking about his upcoming movie Annie Hall in this 1977 interview.