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  1. Folk & Bluegrass Billy Bragg at SXSW, 2013 Folk & Bluegrass: Billy Bragg at SXSW, 2013 Stage On Sixth | Mar 15, 2013 watch video

    The British singer-songwriter and political activist, who turns 57 today, performs "No One Knows Nothing Anymore" at the annual Austin bash.

  2. Folk & Bluegrass Phil Ochs at the Ash Grove, 1967 Folk & Bluegrass: Phil Ochs at the Ash Grove, 1967 Ash Grove | Jul 2, 1967

    The protest singer, who was born on this day in 1940, performs his anti-war songs "Draft Dodger Rag" and "I Ain't Marching Anymore."

  3. Folk & Bluegrass Dan Fogelberg's Intimate Gems Folk & Bluegrass: Dan Fogelberg's Intimate Gems Capitol Theatre | Mar 20, 1976 watch video

    The singer-songwriter, who died on this day in 2007, plays tunes from his platinum-selling albums Souvenirs and Captured Angel in 1976.

  4. Folk & Bluegrass Remembering Clifton Chenier Folk & Bluegrass: Remembering Clifton Chenier Beauregard Square | Apr 23, 1970

    The King of Zydeco, who died on this day in 1987, plays fast-stepping dance numbers at the inaugural New Orleans Jazz Festival in 1970.

  5. Folk & Bluegrass Frankie Armstrong, Pioneering Feminist Folk & Bluegrass: Frankie Armstrong, Pioneering Feminist Great American Music Hall | Sep 29, 1977

    The British folk singer/political activist plays thought-provoking tunes like "I Hate The Patriarchy" and "Bridget and the Pill" in this 1977 set.

  6. Folk & Bluegrass Hedy West at the Ash Grove, '67 Folk & Bluegrass: Hedy West at the Ash Grove, '67 Ash Grove | Aug 9, 1967

    The iconic folk singer and anti-war activist delivers chilling tales that depict the struggle of Southern mill workers in her rural Georgia.

  7. Folk & Bluegrass Joan Armatrading's Confessional Gems Folk & Bluegrass: Joan Armatrading's Confessional Gems Giants Stadium | Jun 15, 1986 watch video

    The Brit singer-songwriter-guitarist, who turns 64 today, performs "I Can't Lie to Myself" in this 1986 Amnesty International concert video.