Bob Weir Band

Old Waldorf (San Francisco, CA)

Mar 25, 1978

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  1. 1 Easy To Slip 06:32
  2. 2 Salt Lake City 05:32
  3. 3 Bombs Away 06:44
  4. 4 This Time Forever / Shade Of Grey 09:28
  5. 5 Heaven Help The Fool 08:07
  6. 6 I'll Be Doggone / Wrong Way Feelin' 10:51
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Bob Weir - rhythm guitar, vocals
Bobby Cochran - lead guitar, vocals
Brent Mydland - keyboards, vocals
Rich Carlos - bass
John Maucer - drums
Guest: Matthew Kelly - harmonica

By the time 1978 rolled around, the Grateful Dead had returned from what was an extended break mid-way through the decade that enabled the various members to work on their solo projects. Bob Weir took advantage of the time and space to focus on several different groups in the interim, including Kingfish, Bobby and the Midnites, and the Bob Weir Band. It is the Bob Weir Band, which includes eventual Grateful Dead keyboardist Brent Mydland, that is captured on stage at San Francisco's Old Waldorf stage in March of 1978. Though the Dead was back together again, it didn't stop their youngest member from continuing to do live shows with his own ensemble.

The Bob Weir Band released Heaven Help the Fool on Arista Records two months prior to this performance to rather poor reviews. It was criticized for being over-produced and for containing songs that were a far cry from the organic jam-based compositions and county-rock acoustical arrangements of the Grateful Dead. However, Dead enthusiasts will undoubtedly find this an interesting time capsule in the sonic catalogue and development of this enduring musician.

It is from this studio album that the entirety of the setlist was taken—no Grateful Dead material is represented here whatsoever. Though the Bob Weir Band songs are rather weak and do not do justice for the songwriting capabilities that Weir showed himself capable, at this stage in his career he was in fine vocal form, and this recording is captured beautifully, showcasing the fluid band behind their guitar playing frontman. Highlights are opener "Easy to Slip" and a cover of Marvin Gayes' "I'll Be Doggone" which closes the show, along with "Wrong Way Feelin'."