Paradise (Boston, MA)

Nov 4, 1978

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  1. 1 In The Sun 03:49
  2. 2 X Offender 03:05
  3. 3 Hanging On The Telephone 02:04
  4. 4 Detroit 442 02:50
  5. 5 Fan Mail 02:54
  6. 6 Picture This 02:43
  7. 7 11:59 04:05
  8. 8 Pretty Baby 04:16
  9. 9 I'm Always Touched By You 02:24
  10. 10 Sunday Girl 02:56
  11. 11 Denis 02:57
  12. 12 I'm On E 02:16
  13. 13 Will Anything Happen? 03:08
  14. 14 Fade Away and Radiate 05:05
  15. 15 One Way Or Another 03:57
  16. 16 Youth Nabbed As Sniper 05:02
  17. 17 Heart Of Glass 04:25
  18. 18 Bang A Gong (Get It On) 05:40
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Deborah Harry - vocals
Chris Stein - guitars, vocals
Nigel Harrison - bass
Clem Burke - drummer
Frank Infante - guitar
Jimmy Destri - keyboards

Despite their recent forays into such conventional ventures as a (rather demure) appearance at 2006's Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, Deborah Harry and Blondie were once a cutting edge new wave act - and mainstay at clubs like the legendary CBGBs in New York City. Whereas other early punk bands like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols were too raw for most mainstream music fans, Blondie had more of a popular appeal and were just what the doctor ordered when it came to bringing punk rock to the masses.

Most of the group's songs were incredibly catchy, a fact that's more than evident in this early, hit-filled set from 1978. While Blondie wasn't comprised of technically great musicians, its members displayed enough musicality to become a staple on radio play lists; and Deborah Harry, above all else those days, was simply hot. She's always had a great voice and a dangerous attitude - the perfect formula for rock stardom.

The band rocked hard during this set, especially on classics like "Hanging On The Telephone," "One Way Or Another" and "Youth Nabbed As Sniper." It is clear that while Harry was the charismatic front person, guitarist Chris Stein was the musical brains behind the band. Among the highlights is a totally ballsy cover of the 1971 T-Rex classic, "Bang A Gong (Get It On)." An indispensable show, for fans of Blondie or any other shade of punk rock.