Aztec Two-Step

Bottom Line (New York, NY)

Feb 4, 1978 - Late

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  1. 1 It's Going On Saturday 03:20
  2. 2 Brand New 05:02
  3. 3 Give It Away 04:36
  4. 4 You and I 03:44
  5. 5 Finding Somebody New 05:03
  6. 6 Up In Lily's Room 03:23
  7. 7 Cockroach Cacophony 05:02
  8. 8 Baking 03:18
  9. 9 Dancers All 03:45
  10. 10 Looking Glass 04:29
  11. 11 Pajama Party 04:40
  12. 12 Born Again / Dance 09:30
  13. 13 The Ballad Of Humpty Dumpty And Cinderella / The Persecution… 10:27
  14. 14 I'm In Love Again 04:10
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Rex Fowler - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
Neil Shulman - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
David Gross - bass
Michael Finkelstein - drums
David Sleight - lead guitar
Gordon Cohen - keyboards

This recording is the second set from a two-set show recorded at New York's famed Bottom Line Club on February 4, 1978. Aztec Two-Step had emerged in 1971 from Boston as a harmony-driven acoustic act, made up of two solo performers who hadn't found a whole lot of luck making it on their own. Those two performers, Rex Fowler and Neil Shulman, found that they were kindred spirits whose folk-writing style easily blended.

They initially signed with the #1 folk label in America, Elektra Records, but moved over to RCA in 1973. They released four albums on RCA, including Adjoining Suites, the record they were promoting at this show. By this time, Aztec Two-Step had augmented to a full band, who performs on the majority of these tracks. This set features most of their better known songs, including "Looking Through A Looking Glass," "Cockroach Cacophony," "Ballad Of Humpty Dumpty and Cinderella" and "My Friend Billy."

Aztec Two-Step never saw the commercial success of acts like Seals & Crofts or America, possibly because their music was simply too eclectic. Their popularity started to wane after these New York shows were recorded, and they kept a low profile during most of the 1980s. They returned in the mid-1990s with a new studio album under an indie label, and they continue to record and tour sporadically today.