Towson State College (Towson, MD)

Oct 16, 1979

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  1. 1 Live Wire 06:29
  2. 2 Shot Down In Flames 03:49
  3. 3 Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 04:06
  4. 4 Sin City 05:24
  5. 5 Problem Child 04:30
  6. 6 Bad Boy Boogie 10:55
  7. 7 The Jack 05:39
  8. 8 Highway To Hell 03:27
  9. 9 High Voltage 06:13
  10. 10 Whole Lotta Rosie / Rocker 13:25
  11. 11 If You Want Blood (You've Got It) / Let There Be Rock 11:59
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Phil Rudd - drums
Bon Scott - vocals
Cliff Williams - bass, vocals
Malcolm Young - guitar
Angus Young - guitar

AC/DC had been in existence for six years and had released as many albums when they recorded this rollicking show at Towson State College, near Baltimore, Maryland. The band was in its prime, with vocalist Bon Scott leading the group through what would later be viewed as some of their strongest material, with the Young Brothers (Angus and Malcolm) driving the guitar-boogie riffs at full throttle.

The band had just released Highway To Hell, the album that would break the entertaining Aussie band worldwide, and was burning up the rock radio charts with a platter of classics that included "Girl's Got Rhythm," "Touch Too Much," and the title track.

Sadly, four months later, Bon Scott would drink himself to death and the band would be thrown into complete turmoil. The Young Brothers and the remaining members, however, would regroup and re-emerge with new singer Brian Johnson in 1980, as well as a new album, Back In Black. AC/DC, as we all know, went on to superstar status, but there are those that say the Bon Scott version will never be surpassed.

This concert, originally captured for the King Biscuit Flower Hour, is classic Scott era AC/DC, and one of the few professional live recordings that includes material from Highway To Hell.

Opening with "Live Wire," the group barrels through many of their earlier classics, including "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be," "Problem Child," "She's Got The Jack," "High Voltage," and a blistering 12-minute version of "Let There Be Rock." But, the real gems in this set are the songs from what was the current album, "Shot Down In Flames," "Highway To Hell," and "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)."