.38 Special

Nov 26, 1988

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  1. 1 Interview 09:00
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This phone interview for the World of Rock radio show was recorded just as .38 Special was kicking off a 6-month US tour in support of their Rock & Roll Strategy album. It was a transitional time for the band, as the tour included Danny Chauncey (guitar) and Max Carl (keyboards, guitar) for the first time. This would also prove to be the last stage of the band's prime. The album, powered by the adult contemporary hit "Second Chance," marked a turning away from their distinctive style of Southern rock.

In this interview, Scott Muni chats on the phone with Donnie Van Zant (lead singer, guitarist, co-founder of the band, and brother of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie and Johnny) and the aforementioned Max Carl (current lead singer of Grand Funk Railroad). The latter provides the highlight of the interview with his story about Kiwi the Bonecrusher, the Jell-O wrestler that inspired the song "Little Sheeba."

00:15 - Where are you?
00:24 - Current tour: just started; upcoming dates
00:58 - Good spirits / looking for a new keyboard roadie
01:28 - New band members: Max Carl, Danny Chauncey
02:22 - Intro to "Little Sheeba" / Kiwi the Bonecrusher (the Jell-O wrestler)
04:58 - Intro to "Rock & Roll Strategy"
05:48 - Upcoming tour: 6 or 7 months
06:43 - Outro
07:25 - OUTTAKE: Intro to "Hot 'Lanta" / sweat and grits